“The HOPSBANT is our prototype hop aroma extraction device.”

The beginnings

“Our heads are full of ideas and the traditional methods of hopping in the kettle and dry hopping in the tank quickly became insufficient.”

The development

“The first step towards gaining experience in extracting hop aromas was designing and building a “centrifuge”, a device (nicknamed Fran) for dry-hopping during maturation.
The technical premise behind it was to mix hot water with hops and after a certain time pump the resulting mixture into the maturation tank. The effects were satisfactory, but we wanted more.”


After months of struggling to find the right technological solutions, our dream circulation-hopping device, the HOPSBANT, was ready. We fitted it with an additional pump that forces the beer to circulate around the core. A few hours of such centrifugal madness helps extract all the hoppy goodnes we want for our beers

Continual improvement

“In time, Fran gave way to the HOPSBANT.  We keep working on our torpedo-shaped metal friend, designing new tests and upgrades. Keep an eye out for new ideas and innovative solutions.”