Jarek & Kuli

Jarek - graduated from the University of Agriculture in Cracow with a degree in fermentation technology.
His adventure with beer began in 2001 when he brewed his first batch.
Kuli - started brewing at home in 2003.
Their paths crossed in 2006 in Zielona Góra at Haust microbrewery, where Jarek’s experience combined with Krzysiek’s uncompromising approach to homebrewing resulted in many new ideas and beer recipes, including their famous Red AIPA.

Recipes and experience

“The thing that brought us together was willingness to broaden our knowledge of brewing and to adapt homebrew recipes for commercial purposes.
As we gain experience, we strive to grow and to surprise you with new ideas.”


“We draw inspiration both from the crazy world of homebrewers and from the dynamically developing craft brewing industry across the world.
When we get down to work on recipes, though, we value individualism and strive to come up with new flavors for you to experience.”


“Aroma and bitterness! The diversity of aromas and flavors different hop varieties impart provides brewers with a lot of creative freedom, but designing a beer with an intense and lasting aroma remains a considerable challenge. We face this challenge every day, at the same time making every effort to achieve intense, although well-balanced bitterness.”

Browar Zarzecze

“The Zarzecze Brewery gives us full freedom of developing and implementing new ideas and technologies.
We have what every brewer dreams about: full control and the ability to supervise our projects personally at all times.”

Our secret stash

“We constantly seek to broaden our horizons and that’s why we age some of our beers in oak barrels previously used for aging bourbon, whisky and rum. You can sample those limited releases at beer festivals as well as in the best craft beer pubs. Check our Facebook page to see where and when you’ll be able to try those delicacies.”